The Gingerbread House Shop

Donations for our 2022 Giving a Home appeal will open in November. Please visit Oasis Community Housing’s main website in the meantime. Thank you.

How it works

  1. Choose from our range of virtual delights* for yourself or someone else.
  2. Tell us what ‘Home’ means to you.
  3. See our Gingerbread House come to life – and tell the world about your good deed.

*All prices are a suggested donation amount

By making a donation you are contributing to the support of around 2,000 people on their journey out of homelessness.

For every £2,000 raised, a gingerbread person will move into the house enabling the rebuilding of another devastated and vulnerable life – this represents the typical cost of providing comprehensive ‘wrap around’ support for someone facing homelessness over the coming year.

Fireworks and snowfall
Once you have donated, you can visit our homepage to launch fireworks or sprinkle some snow over the Gingerbread House