Our supported housing: Home

Claire lived at our Naomi supported accommodation for young women, and in our Naomi supported flats.

Claire came to our projects after being in foster care for many years. She had never known her father, but had a good childhood and was close with her Mum. But, when Claire was 14 years old, she lost her mother to cancer.

Her brother took her in, but he squandered the trust fund that had been set up to ensure Claire had enough money for education, travel or whatever she had wanted to do with her young life.

She got in with the wrong crowd, started taking drugs and would steal if the opportunity arose.

When Claire came to Naomi, she was challenging but accepted support and became a big part of the project. She started college and studied hard, most of the time, with our support.

The other week, the project received a joyful text from Claire that filled them all with such pride:

“I just wanted to tell you guys I got a 2:2 Honours in my Bachelors degree health and social care … wanted to say thank you to all of yous, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Naomi project keeping me on my toes and having faith in me.

“Always gave me a chance, even if I had an attitude. Thank you.”

*Names have been changed