Our domestic abuse support:

Sarah left an abusive relationship, taking with her her three children.

As well as losing her home, Sarah had money problems: her ex had racked up huge debts in her name. They couldn’t be wiped.

When Sarah came to us, we arranged for her to meet with an advisor from Citizen’s Advice at our Basis drop-in. Together they contacted debtors and made some manageable re-payment plans.

When Sarah left her home, she had moved in with her sister, but she and the children really needed their own space. We supported Sarah by making a referral to the domestic abuse housing team, who granted her priority banding to help her find a home of their own.

All the while, Sarah’s ex was contacting her, asking her to see their children. We worked closely with Sarah, talking through safety planning around this, and made a plan that family members would manage this for Sarah so that she didn’t need to see her ex. Sarah also joined our Empower course to help process the abuse she had experienced and start rebuilding her confidence.

Domestic abuse is a trauma. It has long-lasting impact. Yet, following the tailored support and trusting relationships women manage to build with our Empower domestic abuse team – for as long as they need it – 87% of women say they feel safer.

* Names have been changed