Our crisis services: Basis

Danny has a brain injury from a violent, random attack a few years ago. It has really affected his cognitive function and means that he struggles to protect himself.

We have known Danny for some time: he had been living in a local flat, but it was always getting taken over by people trying to take advantage of him. There was a lot of antisocial behaviour at the property and he was not able to make decisions about who were safe people to mix with.

Soon he was evicted from the property, due to damage and neighbour’s consistent complaints. He was sent to prison for a related crime.

When Danny was released, he was homeless – and it was difficult to get him accommodation as he was banned from some housing options due to his and others’ previous behaviour. He moved in with ‘a friend’, but they stole all of his disability benefits money.

Oasis Community Housing tried to find him somewhere else to stay and, following many attempts by the charity and Housing Options, Danny was given a flat of his own with the council. He was confused and worried about it, so one of our Drop In team went with him to make sure he felt supported when he signed for it and got the keys.

We worked closely with Danny to help him register his change of address with relevant agencies and sort out his utility bills – and we’re continuing to make sure he gets the ongoing tenancy support he needs. We are liaising with the Local Authority and the drug and alcohol agency to make sure Danny gets the help needs from social services.

We also managed to get together some donations of a carpet and chairs, along with some household goods. Those things made his place start to feel more a bit more homely.

Danny texted us a few weeks ago, saying: “I’m just sitting in my flat looking at the rain and I wanted to ring and say thanks, because if you hadn’t helped me I would have been out in that”.

* Names have been changed