Nick’s Story

Nick walked alone, carrying his whole life on his back – and it was a heavy load.

A relationship breakdown left Nick feeling isolated. Facing mental health challenges and being trapped in addiction, he began to spiral into homelessness.

Every night, Nick laid on the cold, hard streets. His sleeping bag gave him little protection from the elements. Nick walked miles every day, just to keep warm.

Shattered, drained and exhausted, Nick eventually came to our homeless drop-in service. There he was met by our friendly team and received practical and emotional support. This included help with travel costs which meant Nick could come back to the drop-in as often as he needed to.

Over the next few weeks, Nick came to our drop-in centre regularly, and we spent time with him, listening to his concerns and the difficulties he was facing. Because he continued to struggle with his mental health and was having suicidal thoughts, our staff were able to support him to access addiction services and mental health support.

We were able to offer housing support, giving him a roof over his head and a feeling of stability.

Without having the means to travel to our drop-in, Nick may still be walking alone.

Even a small donation of £6.20 could help someone like Nick to travel to access our drop-ins, attend appointments and most importantly ease the weight of their life that they carry on their back.

(name and image changed for anonymity)

Donating as little as £6.20 could help someone like Nick to travel by public transport to access our drop-in service and get the support they need.

Donating just £15.11 could fund a visit to one of our drop-in centres – a visit that, for people like Davey, could be the beginning of their journey out of homelessness.

Donating £50 could pay for a counselling session for someone who has suffered domestic abuse – someone like Abbie who is rebuilding her life after abuse.

Donating £128.50 could provide a move-in pack, giving someone like Emma the essentials they need to start their new life in their new home after homelessness.