Emma’s Story

Family life for Emma was a struggle – an unstable home was traumatic and led to mental health challenges.

Emma needed stability to kick-start her journey out of homelessness and independence – this came from our Basis Beds supported accommodation.

Struggling to support herself financially, Emma’s rent arrears meant it was hard for her to find landlords who trusted her. Emma needed support from an organisation that saw her worth.

She moved into our Naomi supported-accommodation project for young women and with support slowly came to terms with her traumatic childhood. Growing in confidence and with a clear will to live independently with minimal support, Emma worked with our Basis Beds team to get housed.

Emma learned life skills such as looking after a home and received a moving-in pack of essentials. From there Emma worked with our financial capability team to clear all her arrears, as well as engage with mental health support.

Emma’s time in her Basis Beds property created a stable platform for her to get the support she needed.

Now, with the skills acquired from our team, she is looking to move on and find somewhere new to rent by herself.

Your donation could support someone like Emma on the final step on the journey out of homelessness by providing a move-in pack for one of our supported accommodation projects.

(name and image changed for anonymity)

Donating as little as £6.20 could help someone like Nick to travel by public transport to access our drop-in service and get the support they need.

Donating just £15.11 could fund a visit to one of our drop-in centres – a visit that, for people like Davey, could be the beginning of their journey out of homelessness.

Donating £50 could pay for a counselling session for someone who has suffered domestic abuse – someone like Abbie who is rebuilding her life after abuse.

Donating £128.50 could provide a move-in pack, giving someone like Emma the essentials they need to start their new life in their new home after homelessness.